How to use to build an emergency backup call que with unlimited agents / extensions for less than a $1 month!

  1. Create and fund an account with
  2. Create extensions ( sub accounts ) for each softphone / Sip phone. 
  3. Purchase at least 1 DID to point to the que.
  4. Record a generic auto answer greeting – save file
  5. Under DID Number dropdown select Recordings – upload AA file
  6. Under DID Number dropdown, select and create a calling que. See options detail below
  7. Under DID Numbers select Manage DID’s – edit your DID routing to the Que you created.
  8. From Calling Que menu you can now add static (permanent) members to this que or any sub account (extension) can dial *11 and the Que ID # to be dynamically added to the que.


If set up correctly – calls to your new DID will present callers with the Auto Answer greeting your recorded and then place them on hold with music, then present that call to the least recent active agent, re-assigning the call until it is answered.  Cost $0.85 per DID per month and any usage charges. 


Calling Que Options:

Select Music on Hold – Your preference

Ring Strategy – change to least recent

Adjust Agent Ring Timeout to 15, 20 or more seconds

Adjust Retry Timer  to 5 seconds 

Adjust Join Announcement to Auto Answer file name, previously uploaded

Failover options are too numerous to discuss but I would recommend either selecting the Calling Que you created or you could create a Ring Group to ring a non sip device.



Username- create a name for the extension – recommend internal extension numbering ie – ext #1 is 101, #2 102, etc.

Password – create strong password and confirm 

Music on Hold – select MOH 

Internal Extension Number – follow internal pattern – Ext #1, should be 1 so the extension will be 101

Internal Extension Ringing Time – this number needs to be higher than “Agent Ring Timeout” time in Calling Que Options