What is CNAM and how does it affect my answering service business?

CNAM stands for “Calling Name Delivery” or “Caller ID Name,” and it is a feature of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) that allows the name of the calling party to be displayed on the recipient’s telephone or caller ID device along with the phone number. In other words, when someone receives a call, the CNAM service can provide the recipient with the name associated with the calling number.

For example, if you have saved a contact named “John Smith” in your phone and receive a call from the number associated with John Smith, your phone’s display might show “John Smith” along with the incoming phone number. This feature provides additional context to the recipient about the identity of the caller.

In the context of an answering service business, CNAM can have several effects:

  1. Caller Identification: CNAM helps your answering service agents see the name of the caller along with their number when an incoming call is routed to them. This information can be valuable in personalizing interactions with callers and providing a better customer experience.
  2. Professionalism: Displaying the caller’s name on the answering service’s system can enhance the professionalism of your service. Agents can answer calls more confidently and address callers by their names, making the interaction feel more personalized.
  3. Call Screening: CNAM enables your agents to quickly identify the source of the call. This can aid in call screening, allowing your agents to prioritize certain calls or handle them differently based on the caller’s identity or importance.
  4. Call Routing: Depending on your setup, you may use CNAM information to route calls differently. For example, certain VIP callers could be routed to specific agents or given priority based on their identity.
  5. Security: CNAM can also help your agents identify potential spam or fraudulent calls based on the displayed caller name. This can aid in maintaining the security and integrity of your service.

It’s worth noting that CNAM information is not always accurate or guaranteed, as it can be manipulated or overridden by the caller. Additionally, CNAM services might have associated costs, so you’ll need to consider the financial implications for your answering service business.

In summary, CNAM can enhance the quality and efficiency of your answering service by providing valuable caller identification information to your agents. It contributes to a more personalized and professional interaction with callers, potentially leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved business reputation.